100 years of history in the decoration of this luxury hotel in Paris

Since 1920, the Grand Powers has brilliantly blended tradition and modernity in a warm and elegant decor. The rooms, suites and different areas of the hotel highlight the comfortable codes of Parisian luxury. Punctuated by furniture emblematic of the evolution of design over the last 100 years, this muted decoration is distinguished from one atmosphere to another. Multiple contrasts of materials and colors intertwine: oak and walnut blend with velvet and marble in spaces conducive to well-being and comfort.

Between respect for the codes of luxury and openness to the world

For the decoration of the Grand Powers luxury hotel in Paris, the codes of typical Parisian architecture were set to music, combining them with design accents. Everywhere the large volumes of the Haussmannian, the solid oak floors and the marble fireplaces evoke the sublime Paris. The Belle Époque style is also echoed in timeless motifs and materials.

The hotel's windows and balconies offer a view of the capital's architectural or cultural treasures. Place the yoga mat in every room in front of these openings to reconnect with yourself and relax with the most beautiful places in Paris as a backdrop.

A case of luxury and elegance

The luxurious decoration is in keeping with the tradition and soul of the establishment. Sublimating the Haussmannian codes, the rooms and suites are all distinguished from each other by a little extra soul. With an emphasis on French chic, each room is unique, elegant and refined.

The custom-made furniture comes in different shades and materials while respecting the charm of the large volumes and the period fireplaces. The nobility of the woodwork or fabrics is combined with design lines and pure notes. This luxury Parisian hotel is careful to respect the heritage of the past.

A decoration placed under the sign of romance

Its architecture, its parks, its emblematic places... For many reasons, the capital perfectly deserves its nickname of city of love. The decoration of this luxury hotel in Paris recalls this symbol in every detail. Silky carpets and lacquered headboards accompany the natural materials in each room of the establishment.

Another essential detail of a romantic room decoration: the flowers. Present in the decor or enthroned on a console or desk, these touches of nature incite romance. The floral arrangements in the rooms, the reception and the various spaces are handmade by a renowned florist in the capital.

The decoration of the spaces of this luxury hotel in Paris

The charm of the decoration of its luxury rooms continues in the dining area, our private lounge, within the Spa Thala. Café 52 reveals contemporary, muffled, and authentic decorative notes also present in the Eugene lounge, which can be privatized upon request.

In a powdered spirit, the Thala spa welcomes guests for a moment of relaxation or a custom treatment. The decoration of this wellness area was designed to recall the style of the ancient thermal baths, with a choice of precious and colorful marble.

Nestled in the heart of the Parisian Golden Triangle, the Grand Powers Hotel enhances the typically Haussmannian architecture of its building with touches of colorful, luxurious and refined decoration. Each floor of the hotel is decorated in soft blue, celadon green and powder pink.


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